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Time for a new watch…..

My old, battered and very basic Casio digital watch finally broke the other day, leaving me with the choice of getting a new Casio or going for something more extravagant. I mainly use the watch for work, so the Casio wasn’t ideal, as it isn’t exactly a watch you want to show off!

I decided to go a bit more up market with my latest watch, as I think it gives off a better impression, but choosing one was never going to be easy. I’ve spent a lot of time researching in recent weeks, and come across some good websites that I thought I’d share. It’s difficult to separate the good information from sales fluff, so hopefully this post will save you some time.

After a lot of deliberation, I decided I wanted to go for a TAG Heuer watch. Specifically, the TAG Heuer Aquaracer Chronotimer. The reason for this choice? Mainly because I really like the way the series is designed, but also because the ability to keep time in more than a single time zone is important for me.

There are probably higher quality or more desirable wrist watches around, but my mind was set on the watch as soon as I saw it. Apparently the collection has been around since 1982, but this was the first time I’d heard of it.

When I started looking it took ages to find good resources, as most places seem to want to sell you the watch regardless of whether it’s a good choice or not. I found that Calibre 11 was a good site for learning about TAG Heuer watches, so I’d recommend it if you like the company’s watches. For general watch information, never trust the descriptions on auction listings as it’s impossible to tell whether the writer was knowledgeable about watches or not.

Printers Are A Nightmare (Rant)

I don’t know why, but I’ve NEVER been able to get printers working reliably. They always seem to break down much quicker than any other computer hardware, and usually at the worst possible time! Maybe it’s just because I’ve never shelled out for a top of the range model, or maybe I’m just unlucky, but does anyone else have this problem?

If it’s not a problem with the drivers, it’s an issue with the cartridge alignment or something else. The cryptic error messages are usually no help either. What’s even worse is when a friend or family member rings to ask for help with their printer, because I usually have no idea how to fix it!

The ink is also a rip off. Not only do some companies charge ridiculous prices for their ink cartridges, but they also prevent you from using other brands.

Ok, so I usually spend no more than £30 on a printer, so I probably don’t deserve much in the way of quality! It’s usually because I can’t find the time to research them properly though, so does anyone have any recommendations? Surprise surprise, my printer is on the blink again, so it’s time to replace it with a model that isn’t going to break in a few weeks.

Xbox Kinect Preview

One piece of technology I’ve had my eye on in recent weeks is the Xbox Kinect. For those of you that haven’t heard of it before, it’s a new controller for the Xbox 360 that reads your movements and allows the game to respond to what you’re doing. It’s similar to the Wii controller, except you don’t have to hold anything. On top of the camera, it also comes with speech and facial recognition, making it an all round input device rather than just a game controller.

I’m not convinced though (although I have it on pre order). For navigating the Xbox menus I think it will be great. If you watch a lot of DVDs through the console then there’s something nice about not having to use a controller, although I hope that the slightest movement won’t set it on pause. The thing is, I don’t know how developers are going to use the technology in games without it turning into a gimmick.

Take a shooting game for example. Are you going to have to use your hands as a gun? If so, how do you move? Is the whole game going to be on rails? If you’re playing a sports game, do you need to actually kick a football? How is this going to be relaxing?

There are obvious games that are going to work well. I think Microsoft is bundling a game that’s been developed for it with a number of sports games, so that is bound to be a success.

A big advantage is that it can support four people. This means you don’t have to buy four different controllers, because everything is controlled from the box. It is quite expensive, but considering it’s almost like a new console (it is being shipped at the same time as an Xbox Live dashboard update), I think it’s worth it. Hopefully the Kinect’s release signals the move away from new consoles being released each year, and the start of console upgrades with new systems released less frequently.

Similar problems have occurred with the Nintendo Wii. It’s a great concept, but most of the games use it as a gimmick rather

Keep checking back, because when the Kinect is released I’ll probably add my own review to this site. It should be interesting if nothing else!

Android Rocks!

Ok I guess a lot of my friends are just going to say “I told you so” in response to this post. I am very much a late comer to android within my circle of friends having stuck with BlackBerry and Apple phones for the past couple of years I was reluctant to change. But, having had a look at the HTC desire owned by one of my friends I decided to get one myself.

It does not have the asthetics of either the BlackBerry or the iPhone. I do miss not having a QWERTY keyboard, which is my main reason for having Blackeberry’s, but regrettably, BlackBerry just dont have much on the market right now. I was tempted by the BlackBerry torch, but it is under powered in my opinion. And Apple, well, cool as they are, they are very expensive.

Furthermore, I do not like Apples attitude that “Apple own the phone in my pocket”, and if I tamper with “their phone” they will do something nasty to me.

It is no way to treat a customer. My phone is my phone, and I should be free to do what I like with it. Furthermore, I think Apple have treated their developers badly, and lets face it, “apps is where it is” right now.

And, despite its platicy feel, this is what the HTC has in abundence… apps… apps apps apps… loads of free apps!

Added to that it is user friendly and intuitive. It may not be the coolist think on the market at the moment, but in terms of a high performance phone at an affordable price, its hard to beat.

I think if Android keep gaining ground the way they are, particularly in terms of mindshare amongst developers, then Apple will really have their hands full!

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